Red Wing 8083 Heritage 6" Iron Ranger Boot Hawthorne Muleskinner

Red Wing 8083
379,00 €
The Red Wing Shoes Iron Ranger 8083 Hawthorne Muleskinner is a classic Red Wing Shoe and is made in Red Wing, Minnesota. The Iron Ranger 8083 is inspired by the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, a rugged area known for its iron mines. The men working in there were referred to as ‘Iron Rangers’, emphasising their adventurous mentality. The Iron Ranger is recognised by its double leather toecap to provide extra safety. The Iron Ranger has heel protection for better support and the Hawthorne Muleskinner leather ages beautifully. The Red Wing 8083 Iron Ranger has a Vibram 430 Mini Lug outsole which is flexible and oil resistant and comes with black taslan laces. Red Wing Hawthorne Muleskinner leather (Rough out) Vibram 430 Mini lug sole Width D (Medium) Product Care: Nubuck Suede Cleaner Set, Mink Oil
MarcaRed Wing
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