Lee 101 Western Shirt L93XGBRT

89,00 € 160,00 €
Reintroducing the original 1950s Western shirt with iconic detailing in handpicked denim. Our 101 Western Shirt is cut wider on the shoulders and tapers down to the waist with a pointed-front yoke, longer sawtooth pockets, and bigger, beefier cuffs. For cowboys, yokes strengthened the garment, and also accentuated a man’s shoulders. Snaps were a clever “breakaway” feature so the shirt wouldn’t get caught on a saddle or steer horn. • Rendered in Lee®'s GB selvedge denim: an indigo dyed left-hand twill with a white selvedge• Ring-spun fabric for smooth finish • Dry and untouched for the wearer to break in naturally• Contrasting thread and large mother-of-pearl snap buttons. DETAILS LEG FABRIC
MarcaLee 101
Composición100% Algodon
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