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Precio Habitual: 125,00 €

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Known to most people as “these jackets from the movies with the yellow FBI print on the back,” coach jackets are probably the most basic outerwear items in existence. The Coach jacket is so plain, it reduces everything to the bare minimum. What sounds like a bad sales pitch really is the jacket’s biggest advantage: nothing deviates from the essential function of the jacket, which is to protect from environmental conditions like rain or wind. If Bauhaus was a jacket, this would probably be it: its form has been rigorously submitted to the function. Strictly speaking, even adding so much as the utility pocket and the flight tag on the left sleeve is already taking liberties with the Coach jacket’s utilitarianism. The Coack Jacket TT is made from weatherproof 2tone-nylon and features an Alpha Industries chest print.

Precio Habitual: 125,00 €

Special Price 89,90 €